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February 2024 Newsletter

Dear Friends, happy Leap Day and welcome to the arrival of Spring in our part of South West France ......

local flowers and blosson
Manoir Mouret in Spring

Creativity - this month I fell down the Substack rabbit hole & lost several surreal hours there.  Have you been there yet? It's a subscription based newsletter platform for people to have a voice & tribe which isn't constantly hijacked by an algorithm dictated by the Metaverse. Substack rather grandly titles itself as "A new economic engine for culture" - time will tell. I have subscribed to a few newsletters including Hype Yourself by the very exprienced & lovely PR professional & author Lucy Werner, who has recently relocated from London to France. If you're ever in need of some self promotion give Lucy's Substack a try! I'm also really enjoying the beautiful heartfelt writing by Jess Lea-Wilson aka smallislandbigcity

Inspiration - did I mention that it was my birthday this month (see birthday brownies below)? I received a great present from friends, a signed copy of Ella Mill's (Deliciously Ella's) new cookbook - Healthy made Simple "delicious plant-based recipes ready in 30 minutes or less". We're not vegan but we do eat a lot of veggies & have already tried around 10 recipes all of which have been delicious although the estimated preparation/cooking timing can be a bit optimistic! If you're in the market for a new cook book to inspire you to up your vegetable count definitely give it a go, there are also lots of free recipes on her website. The Garlicky Barley & Green Bean Salad with Herby Almonds below is going to be on repeat in our house this summer - my photos have got so much better after last month's workshop with Matt Inwood     

Sharing - I'm still blogging quietly away about my accessible wellness so do join me if you fancy exploring what makes up personal wellness with me.  


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