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Meet The "NOURISH" Team!

Meet Kirsten Chick – Nutritionist, lecturer & author

Can you give us an overview of your work as a nutritionist?

I came to nutrition as a result of my own health journey, seeing first-hand how nutrition could support good health. I qualified as a nutritionist in 2003 and have been practising as a nutritional therapist ever since.

In addition to working with clients on a one-to-one basis, for the last 15 years I have been lecturing in Nutrition on a Foundation Degree course. I am also involved as a medical supporter to Yes to Life, the charity that supports those living with cancer.

In 2020 my book “Nutrition Brought to Life” was published and has received very positive feedback including this from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“I was really delighted to come across Nutrition Brought to Life by Kirsten Chick, which is clearly tuned in to the latest scientific evidence on diet, and also feels inspiring, compassionate and achievable for the reader. It’s a book that I’m sure would be really helpful for a lot of people.”

What are you most looking forward to about the retreats?   

Life can be very busy for all of us so the chance to spend 6 days in the beautiful, relaxed environment of Manoir Mouret focusing on nutrition, holistic wellbeing and community with the guests will be a real joy.

The Team has worked together to create an inspiring and enjoyable retreat programme which I’m sure with lead to rich moments for everyone. 

I am also looking forward to this opportunity to work with my friend and former podcast partner, Hayley North!  

Meet Hayley North – Holistic chef, food educator & movement teacher

Tell us a little about your journey to being part of the NOURISH Team

Since 2006 I have been refining my work as a retreat chef, cooking for over 200 retreats worldwide. I also co-founded and taught with The Holistic Kitchen Academy, which is how I first met Margaret & Jack of Manoir Mouret when Margaret joined one of our courses.

Last year I was the chef and movement teacher on both NOURISH retreats at Mouret. I loved every minute of them and the on-going sense of community each retreat created.

My passion is to combine my love of food, holistic cookery, movement and meditation which the NOURISH retreat is perfect for.

How does this retreat fit with your own food philosophy?

Food is at the very heart of the NOURISH retreat. Guests will be able to benefit from their experiences not only during the retreat but, hopefully, for a lifetime afterwards! For me this retreat is a wonderful opportunity to work with nutritionist Kirsten in an inspiring location. The 5 days of the retreat allows time to appreciate the fundamental role great food plays in a healthy lifestyle.

What excites you about the nourish retreat?

So many things!

·       being part of a great team and working closely with the guests

·       working with my close friend Kirsten who is the NOURISH nutritionist this year

·       using seasonal organic produce straight from the Mouret gardens

·       exploring with guests more holistic, intuitive ways of sourcing produce on the market visit, and

·       integrating mindful movement with the nutrition themes


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