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February 2022

February is another true winter month with just us locals getting on with our lives and looking forward to Spring. We love to get out for long walks with the dogs, Harry & Coco, and make the most of quieter times at Mouret.

This year Jack and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special “menu à emporter” (take away) from a good Gaillac restaurant, La Table du Sommelier. It was a very charming experience including a red rose (for me), a pretty menu card, heart shaped chocolates and, of course, a delicious meal of poached foie gras, scallops and more. I really admire how small family run businesses such as this have reinvented traditions, and their business models, in the face of Covid.

Recipe – We love oats and for breakfast porridge and maple syrup is a winter staple but a variation on the theme is baked oats. This is a recipe originally with pears and pistachio nuts from Dr Rupy’s book but it can be made with whatever fresh or frozen fruits you have available. This one has banana and raspberries baked in and was served with yogurt, toasted almond flakes & some random melon! Basically oats, milk, cinnamon, vanilla essence and fruit of your choice (within reason!) in a tray and baked for around 25 minutes.


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