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10 reasons to join our NOURISH retreats inspired by our guests’ feedback

1. Let us take care of you. Once you arrive at the doors of Manoir Mouret, you can rest assured that we have taken care of absolutely everything and you can totally relax. "From the beginning Margaret & Jack were perfect hosts.” “It was absolutely beautiful with attention to detail and lots of thoughtful touches”

2. Feed your curiosity. Enjoy stimulating workshops on everything from longevity to gut health, nutrition to Qi Gong. “The wellness workshops were my favourite aspect. I appreciated the variety & thoroughness of each of them” “Be prepared to learn not only about food and wellness but about yourself as well” 

3. Meet a mix of brilliant like-minded people who will encourage and inspire with their own stories. Our groups are perfect for people looking for a solo retreat as they are always incredibly warm and welcoming. "The retreat was one of the most friendly and caring holidays I’ve ever had. Truly this one will be hard to beat."

4. Eat a nourishing menu that is as delicious as it is good for you. Expect a wholesome, accessible approach to food, far away from fads, which both satisfies and nourishes. The food by Hayley was delicious” "The meals were a focal point. Not only delicious, but very intentionally developed for an optimum healthful benefit”

5. Learn to sleep better. Discover what makes sleep so important, as well as practical techniques you can use to improve your sleep quality when you return to your daily life. “Highly recommend for a relaxing, rejuvenating, fun and informative experience"

6. Enjoy a taste of French food culture. France is known for its love and reverence of seasonal ingredients. We have a ‘potager’ (kitchen garden) on site, and our NOURISH retreat includes a visit to a local market to meet producers and source ingredients with which to create a ‘farm to fork’ meal together. “I’ve learnt such a lot while eating heavenly food & being in beautiful, relaxing surroundings”


7. Stay in rooms as comfortable as they are beautiful. Manoir Mouret is perfect for solo retreaters, friends and couples. All our bedrooms are spacious, tastefully decorated and designed with your comfort in mind. “The accommodation and facilities are beautiful, elegant and inviting as is the surrounding countryside”

8. Discover an area rich in history and culture. This hidden gem of South West France is famous for its wine, its medieval hilltop villages and food markets. Cordes sur Ciel, one of France's most beautiful villages, is just 10 minutes away and the Sunday market at St Antonin Noble Val is one of the best in France. The (St Antonin) market challenge was so enjoyable…one of the best days I have had!”

9. A peaceful retreat. Our manoir is set in wonderfully calm surroundings. Manoir Mouret has 5 acres of land with mature trees, landscaped gardens and views over the extensive surrounding countryside. “The most beautiful place to stay, a restful & recharging experience. What more could you ask for?” 

10. Accessible wellness for life. We believe in joyfully sharing wellness knowledge and ideas that will support and inspire you long after you leave Manoir Mouret. "18 months after the retreat I can honestly say that it has transformed my whole approach to food, cooking and looking after my family's health. It's been a real game changer." 

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If you have any questions or would like any more information please do call or message us on + 33 (0)6 89 19 25 18 (we're on WhatsApp) or email

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