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10 of the best health and wellness retreats in Europe for 2023 [The Guardian]

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Manoir Mouret is excited to be featured in The Guardian's Health and Wellness article on January 20, 2023. Read the excerpt about us below:

Nourish Retreat, held at Manoir Mouret close to the village of Andillac in south-west France, is a five-night nutrition retreat led by nutritionist Fiona Berry and French naturopathic chef Stéphanie Cruchandeau designed to help guests fall in love with healthy food and regain their joie de vivre. Accommodation is in a sensitively restored maison de maître (manor house) for immersion into slow French rural life with daily mindful walks, nutrition discussions, a sleep workshop, a cookery session and a market visit. Tasty meals are seasonal and plant-based, with lunch the main meal of the day. There is a tennis court, a pool, walk in the vineyards and massages (€60).


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